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Meet the Team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rockland!

March 17, 2014 ()

BBBS Rockland County

Right to Left: Pres & CEO Gillian Ballard, Community Program Director Jennifer Longo, Case Manager Sarah Arras

President & CEO (Court Ordered Visitation Program, Aglialoro Tutorial Academy)

Gillian E. Ballard, 845 634 2199 x5 gballard@bbbsofrc.com

Community Program Director

Jennifer Longo, 845 634 2199 x 3 jlongo@bbbsofrc.com

Community Program Manager

Bonnie Felber-Regina, 845 634 2199 x 2 bonnie.felber-regina@bbbsofrc.com

Case Manager(Scholarship Information)

Sarah Arras, 845 634 2199 x 4 sarras@bbbsofrc.com


Patrice Brenner, 845 634 2199 x 5 pbrenner@bbbsofrc.com

Rockland County Mentoring Collaborative Program Director

Carleen Hobbs, 845 634 2199 x 10  info@bbbsofrc.com

Juvenile Mentoring Program Director

Carleen Hobbs, 845 634 2199 x 10  info@bbbsofrc.com

Court Ordered Visitation Program Director

Amy Schnittker, Program Cell Phone 914 907 7814, info@bbbsofrc.com


-Testimonial of the Month-


Little Sister, Christina, reported during her support call this month, that she really benefitted from the BBBS adjunct program, the Aglialoro Tutoring Academy Program and that her tutor Vivian, an Honor student at Clarkstown South High School, was very helpful. Christina passed all her regents this year and Vivian was great in helping her with science,in which subject Christina had failed, last year.